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Forbes : billionaires of the web

The famous Forbes Billionaires 2013 has just been published. Here is a small selection of those who owe their fortunes to technology telecoms and IT.

fortunes to technology telecoms and IT

In the family of telecom

Carlos Slim Helu, 73 years old, 73 billion dollars: 1st. This Mexican of Lebanese origin, telecom tycoon, is the richest man in the world, according to Forbes, for the fourth consecutive year. An engineer by training, head of fixed telephony company Telmex since its privatization in 1990, holds a virtual monopoly in this field in the country. 

In the family of computing 

67 billion dollars

Bill Gates, 57 years old, 67 billion dollars: 2nd. The fortune of Bill Gates, an engineer by training, increased by 6 billion compared to last year. Forbes explains this growth, by private investment and not with Microsoft. 

Other follow later in the list, as Larry Ellison (5th, Oracle 43 billion), Michael Dell (49th, Dell 15,3 billion), Steve Ballmer (51st, Microsoft, 15,2  billion) ...

In the family of merchants
Jeff Bezos, 49 years old, 25,2 billion dollars : 19th. He is the CEO of Amazon, founded in 1996 and specializes in the sale of books before launching his own reading lights and shelves Kindle. His fortune increased by 13 billion euros compared to 2012. In less than 20 years, has boosted the market capitalization of Amazon's 111 billion dollars.

13,3 billion dollars
In the family under 30 years  

Mark Zuckerberg, 28 years old, 13,3 billion dollars : 66th. Despite its loss of more than 8 billion dollars, after the introduction of Facebook stock market, it is among the 100 richest people in the world.

In the family "telephony"

Lee Kun-Hee, 71 years old, 13 billion dollars : 69th. He is the president of the largest Korean conglomerate, Samsung Group, which represents nearly 20% of Korean GDP.

 in the family of Heirs  

Laurene Powell, 49 years old, 10,7 billion dollars : 98th. She and her family are heirs to the fortune of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. It is the richest woman in Silicon Valley. It spends its energy on defense reform Dream Act, allowing in particular to facilitate access to U.S. citizenship to undocumented students. 

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