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VMware strengthens storage with Virsto

VMware Announces Acquisition of Virsto, a company specializing in Software Defined Storage, that is to say, storage optimization for virtualized environments.

VMware Announces Acquisition of Virsto
 The acquisition of VMware Virsto was somehow logical, as Virsto products were more compatible with the environment of giant virtualization. On the other hand, VMware is growing in technologies which will be discussed a lot in 2013: the SDN for Software Defined Network Virtualization networks.

It is in this context that Virsto fell into the lap of VMware. In a lengthy blog post titled "I have a dream" Virsto CEO Mark Davis rightly wrote that "to build a storage hypervisor is not an easy task (...) This is why I am happy to combine forces with VMware, allowing us to realize our common dreams. "

John Gilmartin, vice president of storage in VMware, meanwhile said he wants to "simplify infrastructure clients" and therefore "the efficiency and performance of their network." But of course, it is also a question of money. "When implemented in a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) technology Virsto reduces storage costs by up to 70% position," he says again.

The terms and amount of the acquisition were not disclosed but the transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of 2013.  

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