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U.S. spy software "RIOT" 'mapping' people through social networks

One of the giants of American defense industry has created software to spy on the movements of people and predict their behavior, using data from social networks.

created software to spy on the movements of people

Raytheon, the fifth-largest private company in the defense sector in the U.S., is the origin of this software called RIOT (Rapid Overlay Information Technology). It uses data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare, to track the movement of people and even try to imagine their future trips.

The Guardian, which published the information that Sunday has obtained a video where one of the principal investigators of this program, Brian Urch, explains how it works: the technology analyzes the different "photographs" published on social networks , thus giving the information of latitude and longitude. The software allows you to take photographs posted data, but also the places where these pictures were taken. 

One can for example that John Doe frequently visits a certain place, with this type of person, etc.. Add to that the relationships posted on Facebook, Twitter frequent communications, geolocation data with Foursquare ... You will get a graph of specific movements and daily appointments of a person. You can try to "predict" where it will be, when, according to these patterns.

The interest of the government and industry 

Raytheon said they had not sold the software to customers for the moment. However, this technology has been shared with industry and the U.S. government in 2010 as part of a program to build a national security system capable of analyzing billions of people in cyberspace. 

In April 2012, RIOT was presented to the U.S. government, at a conference on national security industry: it was ranked among the innovations in the category "Big data - Analysis of algorithms".

This updated program comes at a time when the United States feel threatened in terms of economic competitiveness. Indeed, a report from the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released Sunday evening by the Washington Post, shows that the United States are the target of a wave of cyber attacks. Energy, finance, aerospace and automotive industries are most at risk. 

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