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Transparent smartphones coming

2013 should be the year for some manufacturers to launch smartphones in transparent glass. A Taiwanese company has prototypes.

The leader of Polytron Technologies, a Taiwanese company and a subsidiary of American Polytronix, does not mention the names of phone manufacturers concerned, but Sam Yu think the first smartphones in transparent glass would be created this year. 

"This should occur at the end of 2013. Trust me, "says the head before a prototype phone. This is not functional because all components used can not be made ​​invisible. The goal is to hide some of the components and leave the other part transparent. Unlike current smartphones, which often covered with metal or plastic and filled with integrated circuits, Polytron offers manufacturers to produce products with its glass specially designed to contain electrical invisible son.

Patented technology that gives as a result a transparency effect. Sam Yu explains that in the prototype, "some components such as the battery, the camera and the memory card are still visible, but the rest of the phone, including the screen is transparent." Besides the aesthetic side, she said with glass, smartphones will be much lighter. By cons, it has no idea of ​​the price of such a device for the consumer.

The ruling indicates this technology is not restricted to smartphones, but can be applied to electronics. She presented a USB almost completely transparent. This key should be sold this year. It also showed a speaker built into a slate of glass.

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