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Pirates mandated by the Chinese military, according to a U.S. company

Mandiant, a U.S. security company has published a detailed study on the behavior of groups of Chinese hackers, who would work on behalf of the People's Liberation Army. They would be responsible for carrying out cyber espionage missions in the world, particularly against the Etast States, on behalf of the Communist Party.

Pirates mandated by the Chinese military, according to a U.S. company

"Who knows his enemy as he knows, in a hundred battles will not be defeated." This precept derived from the Chinese Art of War, Sun Tzu seems to be the bias the American company Mandiant specializing in security, which recently published a report. This study of seventy-four pages, extremely dense (photographs, satellite images, scanned documents, studies, extracts of communication, graphic ...), identifies various groups of hackers (How Crew Group Shanghai ....) most experienced. Their main targets ? Businesses, organizations and U.S. government agencies.

The report criticizes the Chinese Communist Party have loaded the People's Liberation Army actions of cyber espionage and data theft worldwide. The authors document specifically point the finger at the hacker group APT1 (Advanced Persistent Threat), whom they accuse of stealing a large amount of information, particularly on infrastructure that support U.S. energy activities.

The underlying message 

Guy-PhilippTo understand the increased publication of this, let us two seconds founder Mandiant: Kevin Mandia is a former investigator for the U.S. Air Force. According to Guy-Philippe Gold-stein, consultant, specializing in geopolitical implications of cyber-war and author of Babel Minute Zero (fiction visionary, released in 2007, extremely realistic, dealing with cyber-warfare and its future possible scenarios): "On the merits this report brings nothing very original about the details of the attacks. Some of them had been skidded in 2008. However, we note an evolution seen here passing espionage (with economic harm that implies) a recognition of vulnerabilities in energy infrastructure very sensitive. ' 

The report explains why they released today: "The question of attribution has always been difficult (...) We hope that this report will lead to a better understanding and coordinated action in the fight against network failures APT. '

Clearly, the security company wants to show the Chinese that they know what they are capable, and they know their materials with advanced industrial infrastructure. And they want to show the world that the United States is quite right to defend themselves against their enemies designated herein: China.  
Pirates mandated by the Chinese military, according to a U.S. company Pirates mandated by the Chinese military, according to a U.S. company مراجعة من قبل fortech في 6:00 م تصنيف: 5