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Office for iOS is useless according to Steve Ballmer

To celebrate the launch of Office 2013, Microsoft CEO reiterated that he saw no interest to offer a native version of its Office suite for iOS devices.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted that he is not required to offer native versions of the Office suite of applications because users can access the online version of their browser. It refers to the Office application (which allows a user to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint in streaming from the Internet on a PC).

Mac or PC users may be using the basic versions of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), which are available on SkyDrive. These basic applications allow you to create and edit documents, but offer many features as the desktop versions. These versions are clean but easy to use.

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Week on January 29 on the occasion of the release of Office 2013, Steve Ballmer said: "We are very satisfied with the product we put on the market. It makes sense with machines such as Mac and PC. We have a product that seems very well suited. We offer customers to use Office via their browser is a very important point. And we'll see what happens in the future.

Too many obstacles in the way of Office for iOS   

A persistent rumor circulated last year suggesting that iOS versions of Office are available in February or March of this year. On January 30, another rumor said that Office applications for iOS were going to "arrive soon". Some observers believe, however, that the main blocking the arrival of an Office suite for iOS is the 30% commission charged by Apple on all applications sold in the App Store and complications subscription proposed by Microsoft. 

Bob O'Donnell, an analyst at IDC, believes it would be very unwise for Microsoft to ignore on iOS. "The day they [Microsoft] introduce Office for iOS and Android, they will earn a lot of money." However, he added: "If Microsoft does not support on the Office button for iOS and Android soon, he will miss the boat."

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