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MEGA: first client for Android

You certainly have not missed the launch of MEGA, the new site file-sharing Kim Dotcom - ex boss of file-sharing site MegaUpload controversial and condemned. In parallel with the launch, Kim Dotcom unveiled a development kit with a fairly complete documentation. The first customer "alpha" has been posted on the Google Play: Mega Manager Alpha.

While the roadmap MEGA includes the development of mobile applications, Kim Dotcom is not really at this stage. He tries at first re structuring this new service and just invite hackers to unleash against his service for a few thousand dollars. This does still not enjoy the SDK developers to develop Android applications third.

MEGA although for the moment more like a simplified version of Dropbox, the stunt has surprised many - one year after the closure of MegaUpload.

Alpha Mega Manager allows you to browse your files, access them or share them with your contacts. Functionality "upload photos automatically" allows you to backup servers on the fly MEGA your files. Functionality as Facebook, Dropbox or Google+ already have.

 Download it from here

Of course, here are some tips: it is not an official client, also note that this is a version of "alpha" may contain bugs and not optimized yet.
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