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LinkedIn Careers: Job Search arrives on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is very active in recent weeks. After giving us the opportunity to follow the most influential people in the world, after issuing a recommendation function and having deployed its new version, the professional social network has just lifted the veil on a new module: LinkedIn Careers . Module which, as its name implies, will simply allow us to search and find a new job ...! All with a touch of personalization history behind us facilitate a little more life and because it is still very fashionable at the moment.

Job Search arrives on LinkedIn

 This is a moment we heard about the upcoming launch of the new module from February 15, but it was for the time reserved for a handful of lucky. But he will finally took a handful of days to LinkedIn take the big step and deploy this new feature on all accounts.

Directly accessible through the menu LinkedIn Careers module therefore aims to allow you to change job without having to browse on sites dedicated to this purpose. At the top of the page, and you will find a search box that allows you to browse the network, a search box that comes naturally to some story options help you a little more life. With a few clicks, we can therefore indicate the locality of interest or the type of work that likes. Brief, the options found on most services of this type. 

LinkedIn: Ads may to please us and offers our network

Lower, however, we find two inserts quite interesting. To begin with, we will insert that we simply display the list of all items likely to please us. According to what criteria ? The question is there, but LinkedIn has certainly rely on our profile and the information we have captured for us to highlight the most relevant ads. Then lower it will also list all the jobs from our network. Yes it is still nice since it will let you know immediately what boxes recruiting in your area.

In the end, this new module should accommodate a lot of people. Regardless of whether you are unemployed or you want to give a new impetus to our career, we will have here a tool that will make things easier and we will ultimately find easier shoe to our foot.
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