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Java : released a new patch in a hurry to fix 50 vulnerabilities

New patch for Java: Oracle has advanced by two weeks of its publication update security in February 2013, to fix vulnerabilities and mitigation criticism.

"Forget the Super Bowl," alert in a nod to the football event (and advertising) of the year, our U.S. colleague ZDNet: Oracle has released a patch for Java SE. Labeled "critical" by the editor, it includes correction of 50 vulnerabilities and comes just days before its scheduled term.

In a blog post Oracle, Director of Software Security Eric Maurice explains this advanced publication by the importance of update. She could not wait until the due date of February 19, warning he as "exploitation 'active' one of the vulnerabilities affecting the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in browsers has been corrected in this patch update critical update. '

Faults finally met ?

The patch is available on the page of Java update , or update directly within the software. For Oracle, these corrections are much more critical than the Java environment is beginning to be the target of attacks - verbal or computer.

The previous patch, released in an emergency, did not silence all the critics. In fact, there were several flaws and authorities, including Anssi France or the U.S. homeland security, continue to recommend disabling pure and simple application.

American companies like Apple, had decided to block the plugin Java 7. This is the case in Apple's operating system Mac OS X, recalled ZDNet U.S. on Friday. Or Firefox, which now defaults to block external plugins like Silverlight and Java.

Other changes include the activation of the default maximum protection in the Java security settings. The execution of unsigned Java applets is now subject to the express approval of the users. The next update security of Java SE.  

Java : released a new patch in a hurry to fix 50 vulnerabilities Java : released a new patch in a hurry to fix 50 vulnerabilities مراجعة من قبل fortech في 9:00 م تصنيف: 5