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Intel convert iOS softwares to web applications

Intel has launched the preview of his new Trojan for mobile applications, App Tool Porter. This tool converts the code iOS to HTML5 ... and making the iPhone and iPad apps compatible with all devices on the market.

tool converts the code iOS to HTML5

As specified in the technical documentation, it is question of a partial compatibility with many frameworks not yet supported. However, Intel ensures that its solution based on several open source projects such as the Clang front-end and JQuery Mobile library, supports thousands of programming interfaces.

Firstly, the App Porter Tool can ingest Objective-C source code for transcribing HTML5/JavaScript. The process involves an intermediate step, namely the decomposition of files into a syntax tree. It is at this stage that the iOS API calls are converted into objects and calls JavaScript/HTML5 with a placeholder for commands not supported.

Models and views generated in Xcode Interface Builder are translated into a set of HTML added CSS. Xcode all files (. Xib) are optimized for their Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

With this code translator in the code, the structure of the application is retained. Classes, functions, variables and other statements are simply expressed JavaScript. If the compatibility of the App Tool Porter torque is limited to Windows 8 / Visual Studio 2012, the provision itself as one of the drivers of the shift to Intel's mobility.

It is also a great gift for the interoperability of mobile applications ... and a stab in the back of Apple, which has native apps iOS spine of its mobile business.

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