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How Google kills Android.. ?

There are days when you notice a trend that is definitely visible. Today is one of those questions, How Google kills Android ?

Android finished. Killed by his own fathe

We saw the Android brand disappear with time. Firstly, there was the Nexus and Samsung came with the Galaxy brand, which is less relevant to Android. Now, Android is simply invisible. This makes us think that Google has lost the war against its partners, but ultimately concluded that it can not be just a coincidence. This is not just a trend. It is a conscious effort. By Google.

At Mobile World Congress last year, Android was everywhere. Space Android was the biggest of all. It was all about Android and some on manufacturers hardware. this year, Android will be absent at the MWC 2013. No space, no cabin.

If you read the new HTC One, you will not find anywhere Android. HTC seeks to promote its brand, Android is left in the background., They all want to be cool and different. Leave Android for the Chinese.

However, it is not only the device manufacturers but Google is killing the brand. They moved away from him when Android Market became Google Play, and they distance themselves even more now. They want Google to be the brand, but not Android.

Is that it is a risky move ? We're not sure. Who cares about Android ? Developers. Only developers.

Who knows the word iOS ? Person (oh, you do, but you're a geek).

People there know Apple. They know iPhone and iPad. iOS is for geeks. It is hidden inside.

Android is now so dominant he can be killed. Because that is just what is inside. What important is the outside.

Android finished. Killed by his own father ! 



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