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After correction, activate Java in Apple Mac OS X

After blacklisted the Java plugin for browser, Apple reactive default Java function in Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion.

Last Friday, Apple released an update to Java 6 for its operating system Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Called "Java Update 12 for Mac OS X 10.6", it fixes 30 vulnerabilities. The manufacturer is keyed to the timing of exit from Oracle, who delivered the same day a fix for Java 7. However, users that are running under Mac OS X Lion or OS X Lion Mountain will perform the update manually or Java 7 with trigger tool update Java.

Updating security delivered by Oracle on February 1, was originally scheduled for February 19. Oracle's emergency ward in "active exploitation of a vulnerability discovered in the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Internet browsers," as stated by the editor. This update fixes 50 vulnerabilities in Java, mostly for the Java plug-in for the browser.

Updates from Apple and Oracle restore Java functionality in OS X. No later than last week, Apple continued to block the Java plug-in for browsers on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion via XProtect anti-malware filter integrated systems. Since version OS X 10.6 Also Known As Snow Leopard, Apple has continued to combine the installation of Java with that operating system. In 2011, the Cupertino company has transferred the responsibility for the development and maintenance of Java to Oracle.

The service update software Apple does not deliver patches for Java 7 for Lion systems, aka Mac OS X 10.7, and Mountain Lion, aka Mac OS X 10.8, and they must be downloaded directly to the Oracle site.  

the latest update for java 7 

Oracle had to deliver this update in advance to correct several vulnerabilities emergency "zero-day" concern during operation and to fulfill the commitment made by the head of security for Oracle Java repair defects software. Security professionals, very critical of Oracle and its management of Java, have asked the editor to Java security more seriously. 

The Java Update 6 for Snow Leopard can be done via "Software Update ... "Menu in Mac OS X. Update Java 7 Update 13 must be downloaded directly from the website of Oracle or through tool update Java. 
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