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Yahoo Mail offers option HTTPS

Digital rights defenders and privacy praised Yahoo's decision to allow the activation of HTTPS (secure HTTP) for the duration of messaging sessions.

"By allowing users of Yahoo Mail can use HTTPS to access their email accounts safely, Yahoo started well this year," welcomed the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) at the beginning of week.  November, EFF, along with other activists and associations for the defense of privacy, security and human rights, asked Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, to implement the HTTPS services communication, such as email and instant messaging.

HTTPS combines HTTP and SSL / TLS to encrypt traffic between Web clients and servers to prevent potential hackers to intercept and view potentially sensitive information passing over the network. This lack of HTTPS encryption for the entire duration of a web session can be exploited by attackers to hijack accounts and intercept traffic on open WiFi networks. It also allows some governments seeking to control the Internet infrastructure in their country to spy on private communications of political activists, journalists and other dissidents. "In recent years, experts have repeatedly asked Yahoo to adopt HTTPS, but the supplier had hitherto taken no steps in this direction," wrote in November defenders of privacy in the letter Marissa Mayer. "Unfortunately, this delay endangers the users, which is particularly worrying, especially since Yahoo Mail is widely used in many countries among the most repressive in the world."

Messaging deemed unsafe.

"Several reports have shown that political activists and opponents were arrested and questioned on the basis of e-mail messages intercepted by the authorities and copies of their messages were served evidence to blame. Hence the importance of providing basic measures to protect the confidentiality of emails. Some of us have been forced to recommend users avoid using Yahoo Mail because of its persistent lack of basic safety protections, "

December 11 is that Yahoo has started to implement the new Yahoo Mail user interface for web and Windows 8. The supplier has also provided updates for its mobile apps Yahoo! Mail for iPhone and Android. The new Yahoo mail interface can now choose "Enable SSL" in the Mail Options menu. However, this setting is disabled by default and must be enabled manually by users who wish to take advantage of encryption. "If you use Yahoo Mail, now select this option to protect your privacy for reading and writing messages" EFF urged earlier this week. "We are reassured that Yahoo! now supports HTTPS globally for his mail and messaging. This is an important step, long overdue, to ensure the security and confidentiality of users, "said on his blog association who also signed the letter to Yahoo in November. "We will do a technical analysis of the implementation, but in the meantime, we believe that this decision addresses some of the concerns expressed by civil society and security experts, and reflects a continued strengthening of privacy services provider ".

 Gmail suggested this option in 2008

 This is a time that competitors Yahoo support HTTPS. Thus from 2008, Google added the HTTPS option on Gmail and early 2010, the secure protocol has been enabled by default for all users of the messaging service Internet giant. Microsoft added this option to Hotmail on November 2010 and its new messaging service the defaults. Facebook and Twitter HTTPS support since 2011, and in 2012, the Protocol has been enabled by default for all users. "The next milestone for Yahoo would activate the default HTTPS globally on all its products and services," said Access. Meanwhile, the EFF will refine its HTTPS Everywhere extension for Internet browsers: it systematically activate HTTPS Yahoo! Mail, even if the user does not know that this option is available in the Yahoo email.

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