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WakaWaka - WakaWaka Light

Project Universal Solar Charger for mobile terminals is seeing the day through a collaborative funding. Wakawaka presents itself as a solution of natural recharge, which is primarily aimed at people with no access to electricity. On average, a day in the sun is enough to collect enough energy to recharge a smartphone and provide up to 8 hours of lighting. This charger should be available online in May 2013 for 79 $ .
Beyond the technological aspect, the project designers aim to equip people with no access to electricity, more than 1.5 billion people in the world, particularly in Africa and on islands such as Haiti devastated . It is still possible to financially support the project until 12 January via the website Kickstarter: 

 Last year, these entrepreneurs had been able to develop a first project of solar lamp, already available on the internet for 40 $.
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