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The rumor of a Facebook smartphone returns

Facebook has not yet been described in the announcement will be made on January 15, thus raising rumors the company could unveil its own phone.

In November, rumors about a partnership between HTC and Facebook for the development of a telephone with a high definition screen, which is codenamed Opera UL, were rife. Some sites would even say that the product release was scheduled for late 2012. This output has never occurred and Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook, had cut short the rumors stating that the purpose of the social network was to be present on all phones in the world and not manufacture its own devices.

TechCrunch editor MG Siegler stimulus now rumors saying that the launch of a phone is imminent "multiple sources have told us to wait for the presentation of a Facebook Phone Tuesday." The specialist, however, tempers his remarks by suggesting that Facebook could also present an operating system: "It is possible that 'Facebook Phone' is less a phone operating system for a Facebook phone (or more) ".

If the rumors persisted since May 2012, this is explained by the fact that the company's revenues come largely mobile (mobile advertising, research and geo features). The company has launched a service free WiFi for those performing 'check in' in some shops and stores. In signaling their position, they can connect to the internet but also free access to deals and discounts from the merchant in question.

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