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In New York, signaling crimes on smartphone

Available on mobile since 30 December, the application NYPD police brought in the digital world but also allows it to "better work in partnership with the community in respect of constitutional rights." It therefore allows all citizens to inform the police when a crime or an offense is detected.

In detail, users can go much further. When submitting an offense, the application asks them first to a description of the suspect ("gender, race, appearance, etc.."), Another crime ("what, where, when, etc..") and vehicle ("manufacturer, model, color, year, etc.."). The application then provides them to take a photo or choose one from the library.

You can also find a list of "wanted" or for more information, access to a video gallery of wanted persons (as they commit a wrongdoing) and the location of the crime. A news section is also proposed, videos "inside NYPD" link to access the Facebook page of the New York police, crime statistics, etc..

In New York, signaling crimes on smartphone In New York, signaling crimes on smartphone مراجعة من قبل fortech في 6:00 م تصنيف: 5