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Google wants to remove passwords

Security: Google engineers are working on a technical solution that would serve as key contact to connect to online services without having to enter a password.

"Google declares war on passwords." Is the title of an article in Wired on the work of a team of security engineers in the Mountain View company experimenting a new technology to replace passwords for online services. They use a mini cryptographic card that fits into a USB port and automatically connects the user to a Google Account.

It took prior changing the Internet browser to recognize the card, but apart from that, there is no software to install. Once all accounts associated with a user (email, social networks, merchant services, banking ...), the card would work a bit like the ignition of a car. Google engineers and are even further because imagine a wireless system, such as a ring or smartphone, it would suffice to contact a terminal (computer, tablet ...) to unlock access to all sites and online services.

The idea is to make this technology a standard so that it works with all browsers and any device connected. However, remains to be seen how secure such a system if it comes to be lost or stolen ...

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