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Google 2012: 50 billion dollars in revenue

The year 2012, Google has realized a turnover of 50.175 billion dollars. A record for the Web giant giant is more than ever! This figure is also higher than 13 billion in annual sales made ??by Google in 2011: 37.9 billion dollars.

"Not bad," joked Googe CEO, Larry Page. But Google has especially surprised by his ability to continue to grow in an economic climate that is not the most stable and reassuring. The annual net profit reached 10.74 billion dollars. Just in the last period of October to December precisely, the turnover increased by 36% a year over year to 14.4 billion dollars and earnings of 6.7% to 2.89 billion.

Monetize Google Maps

Obviously, it's advertising that remains the main driver of activity Google. In 2012, the market grew nearly 20% to almost 45 billion dollars (see below the distribution of revenues in 2012). Google CEO stressed that income on mobile "progressing very well." It also builds on the monetization of services like Google Maps, which "should be a good source of income."

Only downside, the operating loss of 353 million dollars of Motorola Mobility acquired last year. But Google is poised to restructure many of its activities with the sale of the set-top box Motorola Arris Group.

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