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CES 2013 Razor Edge, new tablet for gamers

Presented last year at CES as Project Fiona tablet dedicated to the game with double handles, Razer is back in the form of the Razer Edge, with Windows 8, an Intel processor, all from $ 999 $  HT.

 For its range of devices dedicated to gamers - keyboards, mouse, headsets and joysticks - Razer launches Edge, Windows 8 tablet equipped with an Intel Core i5 or i7, 10 inch screen and components worthy of a PC attempt to synthesize what is best for tablet PC and console.

 With a slightly smaller screen than the Pro Microsoft Surface, this slate offers much finer graphics through the presence of a specific chipset, not a smart all-in-one (SoC), currently popular on tablets and phones.

Most importantly, the Edge can use PC games conditions have enough space to install them. Razer distribute the device in North America and the Asia Pacific, and the website of the brand will receive a warning to keep informed of the availability of the product. A mouse and keyboard are planned for September. Razer has already planned a gamepad very noticed and long battery life. Edge also has an HDMI port for connection to a larger screen or TV .
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