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CES 2013, Innovations are on the side of mobility

The CES in Las Vegas, rendezvous of consumer electronics, opens its doors Tuesday, January 8. The stars of this edition should be, among others, smartphones five inches  and ultra high-definition televisions to forget the failure of 3D.

The smartphones, which are necessarily in the spotlight, the trend seems to be five inches in size, with several new features expected from Sony or LG. The success of the Samsung Galaxy Note (5.3 inches) in 2012 is obviously no stranger to this phenomenon. Another common denominator in these smartphones could be an ARM processor based on four core Cortex-A15 ( Tegra 4 of Nvidia for example), which should democratize architecture during the year.

Surprise of Samsung !

In the absence of Apple, which does not participate in any living room, Samsung promises to make the news. For example, the manufacturer launched a teaser announcing a product, but without further details. Therefore impossible to know whether this is the highly anticipated Galaxy S4 or not, it can also be presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. Pending the presentation of its new models, the South Korean manufacturer has already confirmed the release this year of a first smartphone Tizen, the operating system developed with the help of Intel based Linux (ex Meego project). Samsung could also reward the visitors some terminals more or less experimental flexible displays.

Always side smartphones, curiosity will also be generated by the publisher Canonical, which will demonstrate Ubuntu Mobile, its operating system for mobile terminals. It will be for him to convince OEM partners to distribute widely this new OS in 2014.

The ultra high definition televisions 

Television should also talk about them. The trend for the development of Ultra HD models (also called 4K because of their definition) who have made their appearance in 2011 via Sharp, Sony and LG. These models, as spectacular as they are, for now suffering from a lack of compatible content.

 Still more innovative, LG is expected to present at CES its first TV OLED 55-inch, the same one sold in the month of February in South Korea. The same manufacturer will also demonstrate its TV with integrated NFC, which allows for example the exchange of multimedia content from a mobile device equipped with the same technology without contact. Faced with such news, the market should not get carried away and remember the failure of 3D TVs, which have never found their audience, and that Smart TV is currently a niche market .

Tablets more discrete in 2012

The activity should be quieter side of the tablets, contrary to last year, because no major announcements are expected, except perhaps the presentation of models or tablet PC hybrid running Windows 8. Neither Google nor Amazon would indeed announce new terminals.

 About the cameras Idem suffer more competition from smartphones. Three months after Photokina, may novelties are announced. Players will discover when their new accessories failing to discover the next PS4 and Xbox 720.

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