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CES 2013: convincing automation for energy savings

Just like every year CES will be the occasion to discover home automation boxes connected to facilitate savings and control of lighting his house.

The trend of automation connected becomes more important every year and is expected to demonstrate during CES this year with the presence of 900 manufacturers specialized in this field. CES 2012 had already seen the launch of connected appliances, such as refrigerators Samsung RF289 can send tweets, but the trend of miniaturized devices seems to impose this year.

This trend reflects the growing popularity of smartphones and other devices that can play the role of remote control in the sphere of automation. Jeff Joseph, vice president of communications at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), noted in an article on the website All Things D: "In the past we swore by the remote control of the house, we tend now to take advantage of the devices in our possession, such as tablets and smartphones. "

Energy saving improving

The manufacturer Trane benefit of CES 2013 to reveal, among other things, the Trane Energy Management, compatible with the system of home network Nexia, which allows to remotely activate and control its electrical gadgets electricity consumption. With this system, owners can see which device has the biggest impact on their consumption of electricity each month, with the system eMonitor on their smartphone or computer connected. Belkin introduce the latest product in its range Wemo, switch Wemo, during the show. This switch allows you to turn WiFi on and off the lights in the distance but also pre-programmed with a mobile application.

Lowe's will also unveil new devices connected to the home such as thermostats, water heaters, sprinklers, light bulbs connected running through the system Iris Hub manufacturer, a home automation system connected to the cloud that connects to the router from home to communicate with devices connected household. Green Wave Reality will also present its Connected Lighting Solution, which won the 2013 CES Innovations Design and Engineering before the fair this year. This system uses Energy Star LED bulbs connected to the Internet, which allows the user to control the lighting of the house through a mobile device.

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