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CES 2013: Better than 3D, "concave screen TV

After the failure of the 3D flat screens, manufacturers are desperately seeking new technologies to encourage consumers to change their television. Samsung and LG presented at the last CES Vegas their first OLED TV 55-inch screen slightly concave. This type of screen is directly inspired by the Imax technology as it is used in some movie theaters.

Both manufacturers boast more comfort for the viewer and a unique immersion experience. The main change is that the eye is located at close distance from the four corners of the screen. The only surprise will be the peripheral vision, you may not see anything on the sides like a 3D screen .. Home theater but just for 2 spectators watching TV.

The model presented by Samsung could be marketed in the second half of 2013. LG does not announced any date or price for the model set.

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