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API voice recognition in the beta of Chrome 25

The latest beta of Google's Chrome browser for Windows can run Web applications controlled by voice commands. Users can for example play games online and write documents by voice. This version will also be responsible to disable third-party extensions installed without user consent.

The beta version of Chrome 25 includes Speech API that allows Web developers to include voice recognition functionality in their applications. "In the near future, you can order for applications to all sorts of things with the voice," wrote in a blog Glen Shires, software engineer at Google and a specialist in voice applications.

As announced by Google last December, the beta of Chrome 25 for Windows will also automatically disable certain extensions installed "unbeknownst to the user" by third party applications. then, Google allowed to install extensions via a mechanism of Windows registry so that users can add third-party extensions to Chrome they consider relevant. the feature has been hijacked by many developers who exploited to install extensions without the consent of users, resulting in potential delays browser.

Block extensions parasites

Now, when another application tries to install an extension, Chrome requires the user to authorize the installation of the extension or delete it from his computer. Some of the extensions installed previously will be automatically disabled, and Chrome will "once" users to reactivate the ones they wish to retain, as indicated by Google.

Chrome 25 beta also brings improvements in security for developers. For example, they can now define a list of sources of secured content using the HTTP header without prefix Content Security Policy (CSP). "The browser will not execute or display the resources from these sources," said Eric Bidelman, Google Chrome developer in another blog. According to him, "this improvement CSP should reduce risks for users suffer attacks cross-site scripting (CSS) attacks by injecting content.

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