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Alcoholism soon cured by an electrode ?

Researchers at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) recently developed an electrode for the brain designed to fight against alcoholism.

The electronics allow it to stop addiction? Belgian scientists are looking at ways to improve electronic health.

Currently, they are testing an electrode to be placed on a part of the brain to reduce alcohol dependence.

The technique has already been proven in Parkinson's disease, reports the RTBF.

"It is mainly used in Parkinson's disease, and more recently, it has been shown that in some psychiatric disorders, particularly obsessive-compulsive disorder but also the treatment of addictions that could have an effect," said Frederic Supiot neurologist Erasme Hospital.

Technique still under study

 According to the researchers, the method would be used as a last resort. It would involve a number of risks to the brain.

 Serious sequelae such as memory lapses may occur after surgery.

 Scientists continue to study the technique and will perform extensive testing before they can perform the first procedure on a patient. Only alcoholics unresponsive to current methods of weaning can test the electrode.

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