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After businesses, Office 365 is available for public

On Tuesday, Microsoft began offering cloud version of its Office suite, for use on the web rather than buy boxed version.

Office Mobile arrives on iPhone and iPad

"You have the Office applications on your computer as if you had bought the license traditional," argues Oliver Roll, which manages the communication division of the Office. "The difference is that you will have more frequent updates, the latest features and it runs on five devices instead of one,"

Until now, you had to buy an Office license, valid theoretically forever, or at least until the user wants to switch to a newer version for each device on which you wish to use. But Microsoft is trying to adapt to new habits of users, who increasingly use multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet ...).

Microsoft had launched 18 months ago a professional version, Office 365, and argues that companies have registered for quickly accessing software on a cloud. The consumer version of Office 2013 will be available for 100 $ per year in the United States. Customers can keep up to 20 GB of documents on storage SkyDrive online and get a bonus 60 minutes of international calls to landlines with Internet messaging service Skype, which belongs to the group.

Microsoft also plans to launch February 27th version of Office 365 is optimized for Windows 8, the latest version of its operating system redesigned to better adapt to touchscreens on mobile devices. Parallel to the subscription system, Office remains for the moment also comes with the traditional CD. But eventually, "almost all, if not all of our customers choose to purchase Office subscription," Judge Roll.

After businesses, Office 365 is available for public After businesses, Office 365 is available for public مراجعة من قبل fortech في 8:00 م تصنيف: 5