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With the boom in mobile and wireless, accessories "anti-wave" thrive

The slip reinforced son money to chip stuck behind the mobile or the canopy insulation, fear of electromagnetic waves, boosted by the development of smartphones and wifi, created a thriving market accessories intended to protect the human body.

"At best, these products are ineffective and at worst they make it worse," said Jean-Philippe Desreumaux, frequencies and protection director of Bouygues Telecom.

In the case of mobile phone,  AFP said that "if you change the reception, hiding such a case the antenna, the unit receives less or more than the entire signal, and it will issue harder because it can no longer reach the antenna relay "..

"There is no guarantee that these systems are their protectors as the designers say," Judge Joe Wiart also in charge of dosimeter laboratory of Orange, who speaks of "gris-gris".

In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that the Radio frequency Electromagnetic were "possibly carcinogenic".

Hulls and special chips to stick to the back of the phone accessories are anti-waves the most popular on the market.

Chip brand Radisafe suggested retail price of 19.99 euros, promises such as "absorb 99% of the waves and reduce 80% of heat from the phone without blocking communications" through the volcanic mineral that composes it.

As in the case of brand Pong, suggested retail price of 59.99 euros, its integrated antenna "deflects electromagnetic radiation to the outside of the phone away from the body."

The hands-free kit , protection only validated

"Our patented technology is the only one in the world that reduce exposure while maximizing the signal by redirecting away from the body and head in the other side cases that are +shield+ can block the signal," said Darcy Dinga Vice President in charge of sales of Pong.

"I don't know now system with the ability to send waves outside of the head," says Joe Wiart his side.

Today, "the only thing we can be sure, it is only alienate itself from the phone reduces exposure by mechanical means. The hands-free kit is proposed as personal protection for people who would ask questions, "

.Two representatives of the operators point out that the devices placed on the market have "all exposure levels consistent with those recommended by the European Commission."

But, other products offered for sale "may derive quickly on nonsense," Judge Joe Wiart

In addition, the wallpaper or paint anti-WiFi, you can buy on the internet canopy bed curtains to fiber reinforced metal "to sleep indoors waves" or briefs woven silver wire "to protect fertility "men who rank their smartphone in their pants.

"We can not say that these materials are absolutely ineffective because they are used in some circles to recreate the effect Faraday +cage +, but in practice it is extremely difficult to shield a room because it should not leak or opening "as the floor, ceiling or windows, says Desreumaux.

He also said "if the shield is effective and that no longer receives signals from the outside (mobile, TV, FM, etc..), We can no longer emit outward" with his own laptop "whose waves may even reflect on the walls of the room. "


With the boom in mobile and wireless, accessories "anti-wave" thrive With the boom in mobile and wireless, accessories "anti-wave" thrive مراجعة من قبل fortech في 5:35 م تصنيف: 5