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VLC unveils its new interface for Windows 8

The association had appealed Videolan on Kickstarter to recover funds for developing Windows 8 touch version of its media player, here are the first pictures.

about three weeks, the association has raised Videolan 32,746 pounds, 40,260 euros with 2115 users (Thursday morning at 9:36). The operation ends in 9 days and the aim of the association is to collect 40,000 pounds in total.

The objective is to support the development of healthy version of VLC Media Player suitable for touch interfaces for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The day before yesterday, the association has published the first two visual interface awaited:

The design is done by Sheikh Ashraful, but the one presented above is not yet final. You can take a closer look by clicking on this link and this one. Here is also what looks like a tablet interface integrated into Microsoft Surface :

For the moment, the team is sticking to his initial speech on the output, namely "a first draft within three months after the end of the fundraiser." VLC will always licensed under GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (GPLv2 +) with a "possible exception for the Windows Store if needed."
VLC unveils its new interface for Windows 8 VLC unveils its new interface for Windows 8 مراجعة من قبل fortech في 12:37 م تصنيف: 5