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The algorithm of the perfect Christmas tree

BALLS, WREATHS, STARS ... Decorating the tree is perhaps one of the small pleasures of Christmas, but the result can frankly unsatisfactory. Surprising: Christmas only comes once a year, a frequency too low for us to accumulate the necessary experience to create the perfect Christmas tree.

It is from this observation that two students in mathematics from the University of Sheffield, UK, have developed a computer algorithm to help achieve the best tree possible!

Their formula is intended to provide the amount of "could not be more precise" balls, garlands and Christmas lights. Academics have actually been approached by marketers British department stores Debenhams. These are provided as a basis, data on the number and type of decorations used on each tree placed in stores, believing that their creations were already pretty close to perfect ... There is indeed satisfaction consumer.

The students have developed in two hours, a mathematical formula. They posted on the website of the university, accompanied by interactive calculator used by everyone for his own needs. Simply enter the size of the tree.

Dehenbams obviously took advantage of the discovery for decorating trees its stores.

The tool provides the required number of balls, the size of the star or fairy figurine to plant at the top of the tree, the length of the strings and the length of Christmas lights.

A practical case ? With a tree two meters high, you will need 41 balls, a Fairy 20cm, 10.20 meters of garlands, and 6.28 meters of fairy lights.
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