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Kim Dotcom unveiled the first images of Mega

The operation of the file-sharing Mega successor, Megaupload, Twitter has been detailed with 3 screenshots.

Kim Dotcom has unveiled the successor to its Twitter platform file sharing, a year after the closure of Megaupload by the FBI. The founder presented his service, called Mega, using three screenshots. The graphs provide an interesting perspective that Kim Dotcom provided, except the first, which is the interface to create an account containing the requested information such as name, email address, and password.

 The second shows a field marked by a key icon. One can easily guess that the field and its window refers to the use of an encryption key This will be a 2048 bit RSA key. In addition, the mouse movement and keystrokes are used to customize the key randomly.

A main directory for storing files

The last capture reveals a file manager in which the main directory "Cloud Drive" will store all types of files (photos, videos, music, archives, documents, etc.).. "Inbox" implies that Mega will have an internal messaging service. The service should also include a directory named "Contacts" and a basket called "Trash Bin". 

 A folder named GCSB - acronym Government Communications Security Bureau, is finally referred to the intelligence agency in New Zealand in response to the action against the site in January 2012.  
Kim Dotcom unveiled the first images of Mega Kim Dotcom unveiled the first images of Mega مراجعة من قبل fortech في 10:09 ص تصنيف: 5