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Google says "Happy Holidays"and seemingly this is a problem

Users have complained that Google wishes "Happy Holidays" to users in Monday, December 24, not "Merry Christmas." They blame the search engine will "destroy the spirit of Christmas" using a term as neutral.

 This is a detail that few will have noticed. In this Dec. 24, Google Doodle to celebrate a traditional Christmas on its home page. The logo of the search engine gives way to a painting as illustrations for children's books. But now, the Doodle angered some Christians.  is he a hidden meaning in the illustration? Has caricatured the baby Jesus or blaspheming the Virgin Mary? No. It is alleged that Google does not assume the calendar.  

Rather than saying "Merry Christmas", Google has preferred to use an expression religiously neutral, "Google wishes you a Merry Christmas". However, the Doodle appears only in December 24, and can not be combined with any other religious holiday. There is no doubt that the design replaces the traditional Google logo to celebrate Christmas Day, not all holiday season.

But not wanting to appear to support a religious holiday, Google chose to use a phrase pagan, which marks the universal nature of the festival. As it does every year now, and as has long been the most traders.

The "problem" it's Google has had to react on the official forums. "The Google Doodles are made to make people smile and I am sad to learn that it seriously interferes with the people on this thread, even to the point of believing that it" destroys the spirit of Christmas, "" wrote Jessica Schwartz, community animator Google Search.  

As noted SEO Round Table, although some countries say "Merry Christmas" on their Google page, like Google Norway. But we did not find other examples. In addition, Google Australia has removed his Doodle on 25 December at midnight, local time
Google says "Happy Holidays"and seemingly this is a problem Google says "Happy Holidays"and seemingly this is a problem مراجعة من قبل fortech في 1:54 م تصنيف: 5