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Google+ progresses and add the function Communities

In three months, the number of active users of Google rose to 135 million, an increase of 35% of its user base. But we are still far from the billion users of Facebook. Google+ will integrate the function Communities.
 Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of Google said in a blog that the social network opened there about a year and a half, had 135 million active users. And if we add those who use features like Google +1 button Play or Gmail, it passes 235 million users. In September, Google had reached the 100 million active users. But despite this strong growth, the network has little weight compared to the billion users registered with Facebook to 4 October 2012. "Indeed, the social network Google has made significant progress in a year and a half," said Dan Olds, an analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group. "In any other industry, this would be a very positive sign. But the field of social network is a high-speed segment of the industry. If you do not figure challenger almost immediately from the leader, you lose all relevance.  

 Google+ adopt  users number and instantly Google's social network and have the feeling of not being able to live without it. "But that is not what happened," said the analyst. "The strong growth of Google+ should be seen in context. 135 million active users represent less than 15% of the one billion active Facebook users, and 15% is a fairly modest. Look at things differently: what would a Google competitor holds 15% of the search market? '

Function Communities

Vic Gundotra also announced the addition function Communities in Google+. These are spaces where users with common interests can meet. Social network users can join existing groups organized by subject, such as cycling or Star Wars, or create their own groups of classmates or space enthusiasts example. Function Communities is open to members public or private. It allows to make contact with members of a group. The new icon is visible from Communities today on the site. Users can click on to join or create community. 
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