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Angry Birds from the Smartphone to the Cinema !

Ugly green pigs thieves eggs, angry birds determined to not let it go. A simple story, an easy game to play, this is the recipe for success of the Angry Birds saga, a game which will soon be adapted to the cinema.

Published by the Finnish Rovio, the game Angry Birds has landed on the iPhone in 2009, never ceasing to be successful and for making even a small Angry Birds Star Wars. In May, Rovio announced as the game's star casual gaming had surpassed one billion downloads.
It is now available on tablets and smartphones (Android or iOS and BlackBerry) on Mac ... in short they are found everywhere.

The success of this game is probably due to its ease of access, since it is available on multiple formats and ease of use because no need for a seasoned player to grow.

Given the scenario of the game simplistic, one may wonder how it will be adapted to movie. It seems that Rovio keeps an eye on the implementation and be involved as producer John Cohen and David Maisel as executive producer (Iron Man).
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