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Web Bot 2012 - What's in Our Future ?

A major nuclear attack. The shifting of the earth's poles. How about an asteroid smashing into the earth's surface. Unlikely yes, but not if Web Bot has its way. Web Bot is a computer program developed by Clif High and George Ure, otherwise known as "The Time Monks." This program runs on electronic spiders that scour the internet for keywords to create an emotional snapshot of human nature and sentiment at a specific point in time. Through this snapshot catastrophic events are supposedly predicted. High and Ure sell these predictions on a website called Not a bad gig at ten dollars a pop.

As far fetched as this may sound, they do claim to have predicted a number of occurrences.* Among these include The September 11 Attacks, American Airlines Flight 587, and Hurricane Katrina. This is great stuff, but for every hit there seems to be a miss. Some misses include A complete collapse of the US dollar in 2009, a global coastal event in mid 2009, and a massive earthquake in Vancouver for December 12, 2008.

So the question remains,"What lies in wait for us in December of 2012?" Web Bot is predicting a major catastrophe, but not necessarily world ending. It could be a small scale nuclear attack or something earth changing like the poles shifting positions. The ancient Mayans ended their calender with the month and year December 2012 over 5,000 years ago. Does this mean at midnight December 20, 2012 we should all fall to our knees in prayer? Probably not.

Lets take a look at a couple interesting facts that do help to make you wonder if some major event may occur. **The first fact is that during our winter solstice the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in 26,000 years. This will cause a definite energy disruption between earth and the center of the Milky Way. The time of this occurrence will be 11:11 U.T. on 12/21/2012. The second interesting fact is that the Mayan calender resets to 0 on the 22nd. Spooky.

To put things in perspective, the Web Bot program is basically a large collection of humans thoughts and emotions at a given time. I personally do not believe the program can predict natural disasters. Then again, who knows what the future holds.

By: Stephen Terlaga

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