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Windows 8 blocks 85% of recent malware according BitDefender

Windows 8 features an integrated antivirus. The presence of this protection mathematically posed the question of its effectiveness. According to the publisher BitDefender, it would be 85% on average.

Since Vista, found in Windows called Windows Defender protection. In Vista and Windows 7, it is essentially a classic anti-malware, but could be related to a virus. With Windows 8, the situation is changing as Microsoft Security Essentials, the free antivirus from the publisher, is fully integrated within Defender. The system is delivered with the first complete protection.

Obviously, if you install a third-party antivirus, Defender deactivates to let the antiviruse to take its place. The newcomer then occupies the field and is referenced as such in the security center. It is also not that interested BitDefender in its consideration of this solution, but its efficiency. However, if you believe the publisher of security solutions, the Defender is able to stop 85% of the 100 families of malware most common, a result considered "alarming".

However, an interesting result because it represents the natural ability to defend Windows 8 (out-of-the-box). BitDefender has led also testing a little further, disabling anti-virus protection to compare Windows 8 Windows 7. Here, 234 of the 385 malware samples have been run, a low rate of approximately 39% blockage, compared to 32% of Windows 7. The editor also notes that some undetected malware could not run because other protections such as ASLR and NX Bit, or simply stumbling against the audit (UAC).

In fact, the work done by Microsoft seems real, but can not compete with the installation of a dedicated real antivirus. Note that the situation is very different on Windows RT. In fact, no standard executable can not be run outside of those provided by Microsoft. The only way to install an application is through the Windows Store, which has many security gates and verification.  
Windows 8 blocks 85% of recent malware according BitDefender Windows 8 blocks 85% of recent malware according BitDefender مراجعة من قبل fortech في 5:30 م تصنيف: 5