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Syria has disappeared from the Internet

According to the operator Renesys all IP blocks Syrians would be inaccessible. Syria is cut off from the rest of the world regarding electronic communications.

In a short note, Renesys states that Internet communications with Syria were cut from 10:26 this morning (Universal Time) or 24:26 Damascus. The operator said that in the global routing table, 72 of the 84 blocks of IP addresses on Syria became inaccessible, this has the effect of isolating the country almost all Internet since all these address blocks are controlled by the company SyriaTel. A first partial cleavage had already been raised by Renesys two days ago but certainly not in the proportions of today.

We tried to connect to some Syrian sites, including Google search engine without success.

SyriaTel and ISPs properties cousin of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
Such an episode had happened in the month of July, 20 precisely During this day, Syria had become disconnected from the Internet during 40 minutes. Remember that "the main telecommunications company, SyriaTel, as well as Internet access providers are the property of Rami al-Mahlouf, a cousin of President Bashar al-Assad," recalled "Le Monde" in an article published on August 23 last.

"Syrian electronic army and military intelligence picked this up, and use the data collected for law enforcement purposes. If an opponent post a video from an IP address located in Syria, he has a 99% chance of being localized in time and receive a visit "Chabihas" - proxy militias of the regime - in three hours. They are very professional: instead of bombing a telephone relay, they will be positioning cookies. They are not in the show, but in efficiency.

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