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iTunes 11 available for download

ITunes 11 is available for download. This version features a completely re-design and convergence more evident between the Mac / PC and mobile.

The appearance of iTunes finds himself upset. By default, the sidebar disappears and a click on an album revealed the track list in a popup window. It then becomes possible to download tracks missing or access to recommendations to buy from the iTunes Store. Design as well as its mode of operation are now similar, regardless of the platform (Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch). Each new purchase of music or video from any device is instantly available in the iTunes library on your Mac or PC using the default storage in the cloud. To qualify offline, simply click on the new button "Download" and repatriate their hard disk titles of their choice.

The mini player is also changing, focusing more features. it is for example possible to search in its collection and choose a different song without having to open the library. Unveiled at the conference on 12 September, announced the imminent release of the iPhone 5, iTunes 11 is now available for download on both Mac and PC.

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