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Tour in Google data centers

Google gives us a guided tour of its data centers via stunning photos. Overview behind the scenes of the Internet.
Many of you use the Google search engine, but you at least an idea of ​​its operation or its facilities? Unless have visited, few people suspect the scenes of such a structure such as a data center (Data Center). The Mountain View giant has just released photos of eight of its centers in the United States and Europe on its site.
Snapshots that reveal to the general public, one of the networks most powerful servers in the world and are aesthetically beautiful. Finnish Hamina water through the factory town of Lenoir, North Carolina, Google has always taken great care in the choice of sites to install the Data Center.
The head of Google's servers, Joe Kava ​​says "We've had dozens, if not hundreds of requests for visits of our data centers," while regretting, "But we could not do it due to security and the protection of our users' data "and conclude" But since we can not bring the public inside, we wanted to provide views from the inside to the public. "At present, the Redmond giant has nine data centers across the world and four more under construction.

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