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Samsung AMOLED flexible until 2013

Samsung plans to produce flexible screens by the end of 2012. But after technical difficulties, it has decided to extend the deadline by a few months.

The future of touchscreens would be flexible AMOLED? Last summer, rumors were running on Samsung plans to produce by the end of 2012 flexible displays.
But according to the Korean site Etnews, the Korean manufacturer would face technical difficulties in the production of these new screens. It would have pushed the deadline to start in early 2013.
Currently, the giant high-tech does indeed produce 56,000 pieces that AMOLED screen and wished to reach the 64,000 pieces, some of which would be allocated to flexible displays.
If Samsung succeeds in its objectives, the first smartphones equipped with foldable screen should be marketed in mid-2013.
The main advantage of this technology lies in its resistance to shocks and twists. But in reality, it will take longer expect to marry screens better forms of devices that smartphones can fall back on themselves.

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