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presentation of iPad Mini : 23 October

According to latest reports, the iPad Mini should be available in eight different models (16 if we take into account the colors black and white). The first series of four models distinguished by storage capacity: 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB The second segmentation propose the same except that would add is the ability to connect to 3G. Regarding prices, we speak of a model input range (8 GB / WiFi) to 249 € up to 649 € for the model Go/WiFi/3G 64).

Between these two extremes a whole series of variations to choose between doubling the storage memory or the integration of 3G. For 349 € and you can choose between a 8GB model equipped with a 16 GB 3G or WiFi connectable only. This information was revealed by the website that would an Excel table the German distributor Media Markt.
MacBook 13 inch Retina
In addition to these new models, the day of October 23 should also be an opportunity to discover a new model of MacBook Pro 13 inch with a Retina Display in addition to the 15-inch model is already available since the summer. Finally, according to the site 9to5Mac, Apple is also expected to introduce new models of Mac Mini with storage options and processors as well as a model with OS X Server. These new models are available immediately. Note that the current line of Mac Mini 2010 date and the last update was performed processors last summer.

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