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A Beginner's Guide to Online Marketing

There is now a greater placement of trust in online businesses and online shopping is becoming increasingly popular with many people surfing the net. However, a considerable percentage of consumers still prefer human communication, which is evident by the fact that 45% of calls by prospective customers convert into the purchase decision during the conversation.

If you are planning to set up or promote your online business or have a website, you must realize that the online sales industry is extremely competitive. However, if you plan and implement your business plan appropriately, you can get excellent rewards for your efforts. Read through these tips to get on track:

Gain expertise

The principal issues faced by new online businesses are gaining customers' trust, and maintaining loyalty. Because shoppers are aware of the large number of counterfeit websites out there, they prefer to buy their products through websites that they consider to be trustworthy. To make your website a trusted one, you can work towards developing a reputation as an expert in your industry. To establish your capability and gain acclaim in the online world, set up your personal blog. Update your blog regularly with useful insights into your industry, it products and practices. Be very professional when replying to posts and comments on your blog, and while blogging as a guest at other blogs in your niche.

Utilize social media

Social media provides convenient access to a large number of consumers and since it is free, this becomes a promotion gateway that businesses cannot ignore. Select a social media network that is the most suitable for you and create a profile. Make your profile interesting and informative by posting business news; developments related to your industry and special promotions that your online business is offering. Consult with a social media agency for more information.

Scrutinize your website's performance

You can use tools like Google Analytics to establish which pages or sections of your website are attracting the most online traffic. The program will place a cookie on your website after which Google Analytics can identify the pages that your online visitors visited. You can use this information to assess the pages and activities on your site that are generating traffic and those that are not.

Design a special landing page

A landing page is a specially designed page, which could be an offer to download information, sign up for a mailing list or a special offer for a product. It is unlike your homepage that allows visitors to move to other sections of your site. Using the landing page effectively can help you in increasing your product's sales. If you link marketing activities for a specific product to that product's landing page, it is likely to generate considerable increase in consumer interest for that product.

By: Max Chohan

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